Back towards the end of 2016, the guys over at HEM Country, recognising Olivia as one of the brightest emerging artists on the Irish country scene (and one with an appeal which would stretch beyond Ireland, too) got in touch with Olivia to ask if she'd be interested in keeping track of what happened during her career in country music by keeping a little diary of sorts for them.

Despite Olivia's first thoughts being along the lines of, 'Who's going to want to read about anything that happens to me?!', and also having never done anything even remotely like that before, she decided to give it a go and see what happened.

And, much to her surprise, two things happened. The first was that keeping her diary turned out to be fun! But even more surprising (at least to Olivia) was that so many people DID want to know what happened to her!

Now unfortunately, HEM Country is no longer in operation, but we want to thank Jon and his team for all of the support they sent Olivia's way. And because HEM Country is no longer active, the links to each installment of Olivia's Diary have also been deactivated. But, we're thinking of bringing those diary entries 'back to life' and hosting each one here on Olivia's official website! As well as bringing the idea itself back to life with regular new entries. 

So WATCH THIS SPACE.... (and let us know what you think of that idea!).